Divine Design's was established in 2000, which makes it is a young and vibrant company. Led by Michael Divine, all of our staff and associates are fully qualified experienced professionals with one goal: the client's complete satisfaction.

Whether it's getting your home remodeled or designing your new home, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Since 1995, Michael and his team have been designing, planning, and constructing superior high quality and absolutely heavenly residential and commercial buildings throughout North Carolina. Michael began his building career in his family's company at the age of eight. In 2000, he took his vast knowledge of construction and most of all, his incredible passion, and he created a new and innovative divine home lifestyle, which we now know as Divine Designs. Since then, he has numerous accomplishments, which have been awarded to him by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and National Kitchen and Bath Association.

The building and construction techniques found within the finished homes of Divine Designs are like that of no other competitor. Michael serves in the primary roles from start to finish, as the builder, designer, planner, organizer, site supervisor and foreman. He also assists the new homeowner with interior designing. No other builder is as active in the construction projects from clearing the land, to handing over the keys to each and every new happy customer as he is. His dedication and enjoyment of the construction and building business allows him to work very closely with all of his clients. While listening very carefully, he is able to continuously deliver the perfect home remodel or commercial building that completely suits the client's taste, needs, budget, and lifestyle.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call Divine Designs, Inc at (919) 631-9972 between the hours of 8AM and 5PM.

Please browse through our website for additional information and always know with confidence that Divine Designs consistently delivers high-quality construction on every building site. 

We provide eye-appealing master craftsmanship and immense details that includes breathtaking color schemes, a wide array of custom built-ins and storage, and the latest in high end home energy efficiency. At Divine Designs, we look forward to making your dreams of a home turn into reality, and the friendships that we make are equally as important to us as the homes that we remodel. We always deliver a surprisingly affordable lower cost to every client. It's so much more than just design and construction when your home is built or remodeled by Divine Designs; it's simply Heaven on Earth!


Divine Designs is a full-service company that provides you with a turn-key process. We offer creative interior design services and we provide the construction services for all building and installation work. We will design and then build your project – from beginning to end – saving you time, money, and stress. Our lead carpenters are our full-time employees; not subcontractors. They are never over-extended, and have your project as their single focus. Homeowners who want accountability and continuity benefit greatly from this combination of services.  You will never wonder who is responsible for any aspect of your project. You will never be required to find a part or service for yourself. Throughout the entire process, you will be working with a single-point-of-contact to oversee the entire process from design to finalized construction. The Design & Build system is a newer concept for homeowners. Often, they think that the familiar “design and BID” process (working with a designer to produce a design, then bidding it out to various contractors) will produce the lowest cost/best value. This is rarely the case since the design team is divorced from the build team.  Bids come in 50% to 80% higher than anticipated. To reduce the cost, you go through multiple design interactions to scale back the project, each at cost to you. In the building stage, miscommunications, changes to the scope of work, and a host of independent contractors each with their own schedule, add costs and valuable time to your project. Our experience tells us that customers using a traditional design followed by bid process almost always pay about 14-18% more. Using Divine’s design & build process, we provide a fair, firm, and fixed price for your entire project with no “misunderstandings.” Another key advantage of design and build is the ability for you to make tradeoffs before the project starts. As the customer, you are always in control of the budget. Better still? Design and build means you are provided with the up-front, fixed cost of your renovation. There are no “estimates” at Divine – your “Proposal” is what the final cost of your renovation will be.  No surprises!